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I fell in love with yoga the first time I stepped foot onto my mat ten years ago. Yoga is the one thing that makes me feel stable through all of life’s trials and tribulations. As my own practice began to take root, and my passion intensified, I realized that I wanted to teach and empower others through their practice. Shortly after, I enrolled in my 200 hour teacher certification at CorePower Yoga in Sherman Oaks, California and have been teaching and inspiring students ever since.  I wanted to take my teaching international so in 2013 and 2015 I led a group of thirty yogis on a retreat to Montezuma, Costa Rica where I taught 13 classes and workshops in 7 days. I am a true believer in international travel and I have found that true transformation begins when you step outside your comfort zone. This kind of leap of faith leads to deep self-inquiry and mindfulness. Because of my passion for yoga and my belief in the transformational power of travel, my ultimate goal is to lead numerous yoga retreats yearly across the globe!

My teaching style is modern, energizing, and rejuvenating.  What has always amazed me most about yoga is the power it has to change your state of mind. I can walk onto my mat feeling anxious, lethargic or emotional, and walk out an hour later in better spirits, almost completely dissolved of my former distress. I teach with the intention of guiding my students through their practice and enabling them to explore their body, mind, and soul. Music also plays a large role during my classes.  Creating a fun, joyful environment for a vigorous flow class, always makes core or holding postures more bearable!

I specialize in Vinyasa flow, Power Yoga, Yin, Aerial fitness and Acro yoga. My accessible teaching style, energy, and motivation to challenge people draws in practitioners of all ages and levels.  I am currently enrolled in Loyola Marymount University and working towards receiving my Masters in Yoga Therapy.


Class Schedule

Whole Life Balance
507 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401



9:30-10:20 am- Vinyasa Flow Yoga
10:30-11:20 am- Aerial Silks


11:30-12:20 Aerial Bootcamp

Private Classes

Whether you want to get a great sweat on with power yoga with weights or unwind with restorative yoga after a long work day, I customize the session to your needs. Because I am trained in Power Yoga, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Aerial fitness and Yoga Sculpt I can tailor the workout and music to your desires by coming to your home. Grab a group of friends – I also specialize private classes at your home with a group of people!  Privates are great for people who don’t have the time in their schedule to go take a class.

Package of 5 Private Sessions

Package of 10 Private Sessions

Rates upon request.



Book Now! December 24-31, 2016 in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Visit their website: www.anamayaresort.com/

Private Retreats

Whether a bachelorette party a corporate retreat, get a group together and I can personalize the retreat to your groups desires! Whether local or international, all accommodations will be pre-arranged for you! I tailor the yoga class, style and theme to fit the groups needs, in addition to arrange fun activities.



“Rony has a voice that is nurturing and welcoming. I loved that she themed her yoga classes with the 7 Chakras. She introduced one each day and the messages she sprinkled throughout the practice perfectly tied in to the theme of that Chakra. She has a great ability to teach and listen to all of her students at different levels and brought us together without any self judgment.” –Stephanie Leach

“I have tremendous respect and admiration for Rony as a person and in her teaching ability. She is a kind gentle soul with lots of love and light to share. She integrated our retreat group beautifully. I learned so much about myself both on and off the mat. Rony has an intuitive gift of knowing when and what people need as far as adjustments, words of encouragement, a gentle hand or a smile. In Summary, she is an effective leader, has a responsive heart and is filled with nothing but pure love. By the end of the week I wanted to pack her up in my suitcase and take her home with me to join my family.” –Christine Ellen

“Rony was amazing. I came to the yoga retreat with my son who had never done yoga before. She was very supportive and patient with him and we both loved her classes. She had a great blend of relaxation, spirituality and fitness woven throughout the class. She was very much in tune with everybody’s needs and was hands-on in guiding us through our experience on our mats. Her organization and preparedness during each class was amazing. She was methodical with her music by starting gentle then working up to a quicker tempo and ending with meditative music and poses, which I loved. The practice was suitable for all levels which was very important to me.” –Domenic Macri

“Rony was the icing and cherry on top of my husband and my magical trip to Costa Rica. I am very sporty and enjoy a challenging workout; therefore, sometimes find yoga to be a bit too Zen for me. Rony however had a great blend of Vinyasa flow, Yin stretching and plyometrics to get my heart rate up. In a very unique way she combined a very deep physical yet emotional and spiritual blend to her classes. Rony also guided me and my husband through Acro Yoga, which was fun and exhilarating! Rony needs to spread her special gift to as many people as possible and I feel very lucky to have worked with her. My only hope is that people around the world get to experience her teaching and guidance!” -Simone Hindmarch-Bye

“When my wife Holly and I first met Rony we were immediately greeted by her energy and spirit, and it got even better once we got to know her as a teacher and person. Rony was born to suit her passion of connecting with people around the world through her yoga teachings. I cannot say enough great things about the experience all 25 of us had with Rony being our leader. Some of my favorites things about her teaching style is her body charging power sessions, great energizing non-traditional music selections, and her thought provoking cool down quotes which made the classes seem timeless. We couldn’t have been luckier to have Rony be our Yoga Guide (Yogide!) during our week at Anamaya, and even luckier to now have her as a life-long friend. We’d travel to the Ends of the Earth to practice with Rony again, for she would make even the Ends of the earth feel like the Center of it. Do yourself a favor, improve your life, and connect with Rony.” -Brian and Holly Girten





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